Celebrity culture—love it or hate it—is an ingrained part of our technological age, and there’s no getting around it. When people land magazine covers because of how many Instagram followers they’ve amassed (hello Selena & Kendall), then you know that we’ve reached a point of celebrity and media saturation.


But if you want to take a break from the people who are famous for being famous, check out these stars and their websites that show there’s still a little bit of talent, good will or even hilarity out in the golden echelons of elite Hollywood society.



Russell Brand

Russell Brand may not be your style of comedian, but despite whether or not you think he’s funny, he’s become an incredibly outspoken activist since hitting the limelight, and that’s something he definitely needs to get more airtime for.


From his legitimate book club (he’s currently reading Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes) to his videos on taking part in your local politics (because they matter!), he’s gone from being Hollywood Bad Boy #1 to taking his 15 minutes of fame and turning it into a message for good. You should take a couple notes from his attention to the global politics, and especially if you’re English, I suggest you get in on his discussions and share your opinions—it’s a great way to get as involved as he is.



Gwyneth Paltrow

Pause the eye rolls please, because if nothing else, Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop.com is the inspirational guide that drives people (whether they like to admit it or not) to the elite level of life. Her infamous week of grocery shopping is proof not just that she’s out of touch, but how far away from her lifestyle the rest of us truly lead—and instead of hating on her, shouldn’t we aspire to a higher level?


Whether you agree with her and her $200 white t-shirt is irrelevant. At the end of the day, everyone looks at her lifestyle blog and is angry because they hate admitting that they’d like to be her. And don’t you remember your mom telling you that bullying was a strong sign of flattery?



Serena Williams

SerenaWilliams.com is an all-purpose site for the kind of all-purpose amazing woman that Serena is. Part blog, part tennis schedule, part philanthropic hub, Serena’s got it all up and running, and it’s as efficient, streamlined and positive as she is.


If you’re perusing, take a stop at her trophy case for an under the radar mention of how incredibly talented she is as a tennis player, and then take a click around her SW fund tab to uncover all of the organizations she’s an advocate for. From UNICEF to Build Africa Schools, this woman has her heart in the right place even while she’s kicking the tennis world’s butt. And if you’ve got some spare time, definitely check out her videos, she’s all about body positivity, staying healthy and learning how to be the best you. Can we just give her superhero status already?



Usain Bolt

The first thing you’ll read on Usain’s site is his athletic prowess: “11 time world champion,” quickly followed by this: “6 time Olympic champion,” and then this: “world’s fastest man.” Now, I’m not a regular runner, but I’ve got to give it to Usain—this is the kind of thing that gets me out from behind my computer and out in the park sweating up a storm.


While this is mostly a promotional site outlying again and again what an incredible athlete Bolt is—because let’s face it, he’s probably the best on the planet—it’s very useful if you’re trying to inspire yourself to get off the couch and cross off some of your New Year’s resolutions. But even if that’s your game, don’t forget to check out his foundation because he’s using his money and influence to have happier children on the planet, and I can’t think of anything more inspiring than that.




Queen B really needs no explanation as far as I’m concerned—when you rule the world, of course you have the best website around. But between Beyoncé’s particular type of celebrity—the refined, not prone to oversharing style that harkens back to the star behavior of the Golden Era—and the incredible audio and visuals that hit you as soon as you tap in, you can scroll her tour dates, check out a sneak peak of her latest project with HBO and also surf through her Ivy Park collection (that pays homage to how hard she’s worked for queen status).


And while you may be put off by her perfection, I can’t think of anything better than seeing another person make it to inspire you that you can to. All you have to do is ask yourself one question: what would Beyoncé do?


Are there any inspirational celeb websites that you can’t just get off your mind? What about a vlog, blog or social media takeover? Leave your faves in the comments below, and we’ll check them out. If you’re always on the move for new inspiration, you’ll never get bored!

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