There’s no denying that Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm. Whether it’s the original books by George R. R. Martin or the TV series based on them, fans all around the world can’t get enough of the thrilling plotlines, unique fantasy world and turbulent tales of this epic saga. However, the much-loved series looks to be taking a controversial turn this year as the long-awaited final book still has no release date, and it’s television counterpart is fast on the heels of the storyline.


Publishing Delays

The original book saga, titled A Song of Fire and Ice, first hit the shelves in 1996. Over the next decade, the four subsequent books have trickled out, each with years between them. However, since the last release—A Dance with Dragons—in 2011, things have become exceedingly quiet from the writer as avid readers have made numerous predictions about the next release, with little success. It seems as if even George R. R. Martin isn’t sure when the next installment will be coming out, but it’s looking like it’s not going to be before the TV series catches up with him.


Outpacing the Writer

The television adaption of the show first premiered in 2011. Since then, millions of eyes across the world have been glued to screens as the five series have brought us drama, unlikely romances, endless deaths and a plethora of equally fantastical mythical creatures. Although the series hasn’t directly followed the book’s storyline and has played around with the chronology, it has been confirmed that, for the first time, season six will cover situations that are yet to be released in print.


Spoiler Alert?

While most of us are waiting with baited breath for the release of the new season, there are also a large number of fans who are worried that outpacing the books is going to ruin their reading experience when it is finally released. Let’s face it, you can’t avoid Game of Thrones spoilers once the episodes have been seen, since the whole world is talking about them, so it’s not even like the book-lovers can simply avoid watching to preserve the experience of the next book release. How much will be ruined by the new season and is the creative team doing anything to combat this unusual situation they’ve found themselves in?

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Producers Reassurance

Fortunately for all, the producers have reassured all fans that the TV series will diverge from the books as much as possible in order to preserve the original literature. They have noted that people will be very surprised as they reveal the variation in Martin’s original storyline throughout the coming season. They have also reassured people that the show won’t lose it’s integrity, commenting that it will still be the Game Of Thrones world that we know and love, there will now simply just be two different versions.



Regardless of the attempts made not to step on the toes of Martin’s upcoming novel. It goes without saying that complete uniqueness between the two storylines is going to be impossible. It’s already been slipped than a number of events will be overlapping between the two and it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to get around this. For those worrying about the TV series ruining the books because of this, I guess you will have to rest in the solace that the excitement will come from not knowing which elements of the book are featured and which bits have been created solely for television.

With the shows release coming up in the next few days, people all across the world are getting ready to sit down in front of their screens and see what the next section of the saga has in store for us. Although outpacing the original author is a unique and controversial situation for any series to be in, once those title credits come on and the theme tune begins to play, I doubt there’s a single person out there who won’t be excited and grateful that this much loved story is back on in our lives.

What’s your opinion on the GoT dilemma? Are the producers right to take the story into their own hands or should they have waited for the book? Be sure to leave your thoughts below and start the discussion going!

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