The way we watch television is changing. No longer can we be bothered with the hassle of waiting for new weekly episodes to be released. We want our entertainment now, readily watchable and all at the same time! If you’re like me, you’ve probably already binge-watched the majority of Netflix, Hulu and any other streaming site of your choice and are searching the depth of these services for unique and interesting programs to fill your evenings and weekends with. This list covers 5 of the best little-known shows that will more than fill your binge-watching needs.

Master Of None

This Netflix original series is a quirky look at life in New York for a young, aspiring Indian actor (played by Aziz Ansari) and his group as friends as he strives to find work and love while avoiding being typecast. It’s refreshingly honest, naturalistic and extremely sarcastic style of humor perfectly mirrors the disgruntled attitude of today’s youth as they try to swim the ever-changing tides of the modern economic and political climate. With the first season fully released and the second on its way, there are plenty of laughs to be had—if you can get over how depressingly accurate Aziz’s never-ending job hunt is. Definitely one to binge on once you’ve come home from a day in the rat race!



Another Netflix original, and definitely one to get started on straight away, this creative retelling of the famous Pablo Escobar saga is just the right balance of action, adventure and historical relevance. It gives you an insight into Pablo’s ever-changing world as his life takes him from being Colombia’s Robin Hood to their most wanted criminal. Following the story from the point of view of his family, the Colombian government and two rebellious DEA agents, it addresses the question of what it really means to be the bad guy. With so much drama and suspense in each episode, there’s no way you won’t click “play next.”



Peaky Blinders

Originally released on the BBC, this cinematically spectacular series looks at life in a way is has never before been addressed on TV—through the eyes of illegal bookies in 1920’s Birmingham, England. A generation of men who’ve just returned from the scarring and brutal trench warfare in France, a place where the communists and IRA pose as much threat as the Germans had done on the battlefield years previously, the story is full of twists, turns and changes in allegiance. It follows protagonist Tommy Shelby, a war hero, and his family as their criminal outfit takes over the Birmingham streets and gives even the most esteemed police force a run for their money. With a storyline so gripping and a composition so visually stunning, you most certainly won’t be turning this one off after the first episode.




One for all the travel lovers out there, this series is the ultimate travel vlog. It was created by two Canadian adventures who left their full time jobs as film makers to travel the world and share their journey with anyone who will watch. From meeting village kings in Madagascar to surviving a whirlwind trip to the incredible Thailand, there are countless adventures to be had with the pair, and their open-minded and jovial narration style makes for a truly classic series. A true masterpiece for any vicarious traveler, if it doesn’t convince you to pack a bag and leave for your own adventures straight away, it’ll have you stuck to your couch watching in awe.



Orphan Black

The Canadian science fiction thriller has been gaining fans at light speed. Looking at the moral and ethical questions surrounding cloning, it takes place in a future dystopia where these controversial practices have become commonplace. Following the story of main character, Sarah Manning, who assumes someone else’s identity after witnessing a traumatic event, its quick-paced and nail-biting action and adventures make it the ideal watch for horror and thriller lovers everywhere. As Sarah finds herself deep in a world she didn’t know existed, she discovers the secret to the origin of the clones, and from then on, she becomes a wanted person by a number of terrifying and controversial factions. If this doesn’t demand a binge-watch, then nothing does!

Do you have a favorite show that you binge-watch regularly? Is there something that deserves to be on this list that isn’t? Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know what you think.


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