Times are changing; the stars we look up to and are inspired by are no longer trapped inside the big screen at the cinema. The next generation of celebrities—as we have already seen—are becoming so from the comfort of their own home. Social media is cutting out the middleman and putting the stars of tomorrow right onto our computer screens. We can interact, get to know and understand these people like never before. YouTube celebrities have become a massive deal in recent years as the likes of Zoella, PewDiePie and The Fine Bros have shot to notoriety using only the platform.


Now, as we move into 2016, a whole new generation of YouTube stars are on the rise. Whether it’s makeup tutorials, game commentary or sketched comedy, there’s so much potential talent to tap into that it’s sometimes hard to find the very best. Fortunately, this list covers five of the very best YouTube channels that are definitely going to be ones to watch over the coming year.


  1. Bretman Rock

Beauty Vlogs have become extremely common practice on YouTube, and I’m sure it’s not just me who thinks the market is starting to become somewhat oversaturated. Fortunately, Bretman Rock is a unique and refreshing addition to the mix that will leave you in stitches while still teaching you to do the perfect winged liner.


After rising to fame via his “How to Contour” video, which took the world by storm with it’s quick and quirky jokes and flamboyant delivery, Bretman has gone on to produce a number of different beauty videos covering all aspects of makeup skills, alongside a few talking vlogs, all in his wonderfully fabulous and unique style.


With over 600,000 subscribers and many other followers on other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, his charming style has truly captured the hearts of many and that only seems to increase over the course of the coming year. Whether you love makeup, or are just watching for the entertainment, Bretman Rock is definitely a YouTube all rounder who is well, and truly, sickening!


  1. Justin Flom

 Alongside the vlogs and hauls and beauty tips, YouTube has begun to nurture another type of star. Many, many talented performers have found the platform instrumental in sharing their skills with the world. It allows singers, dancers, musicians and artists—and in this case, magicians—to show just how good they are at doing what they love.


Justin Flom has been growing in popularity since his appearance on Ellen just over three years ago catapulted him into the public eye. His truly individual, and occasionally grotesque, tricks bring magic to a whole new level and give most professional performers a run for their money.


His videos are a selection of performances to the camera and the reactions of stunned crowds in street shows, and his charismatic ways and perfected sleight of hand will leave any viewer stunned. It’s clear that Justin is going to carry on doing great and spectacular things, so subscribe to him now and wait eagerly for all that is to come!


  1. High On Life

Another ever increasingly popular sub-genre on YouTube is the travel section. The High On Life crew are a perfect example of how, with enough funding, the sky is your limit. If it’s awesome and you’re not sure that you’d be able to afford it, they’ve probably done it.


However, despite their high-tech video equipment and apparent endless supply of money for gas, plane tickets and ropes to throw themselves off things with, the message of the videos continue to ring true: it’s about the experience. The sleek production quality, beautiful videography, epic locations and uncountable back-somersaults make for endless inspirational posts about how the only thing that really matters is living your life.


The group even address how money isn’t important in order to travel and enjoy yourself and their poetic explanations of how to seek happiness are enough to make anyone want to jet off and never come back. These guys are doing big things already, so who knows what the next 365 days could bring.


  1. TheThirdPew

Another comedy king is upon us in the form of Nathan Zed A.K.A. TheThirdPew. His hilarious social commentaries hit on real issues, and his friendly, moral and down to earth views make him easily one of the most likeable guys on the platform.


His rise to fame came from a video response he did to the notorious Nash Grier video “What Guys Look for in Girls.” Thankfully, Nathan put the fellow YouTuber firmly in his place, pointing out that his comments were not only derogatory, but also extremely contradictory and insulting to the majority of his fan base.


Since then he’s released many, many amusing summaries on topics that we can all understand and appreciate. He prides himself on quirky and relatable content, and it’s most certainly true that viewers can’t get enough of him! A true online personality and YouTube star, we predict that this guy’s just going to keep getting bigger and bigger.


  1. Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

There are many, many channels that live in the depth of YouTube that are truly unique and individual, and this is most definitely one of those. However, as the vegan YouTube culture has exploded with the likes of Freelee the Banana Girl and Deliciously Ella, Ralph Smart’s brilliant channel has also been brought into the limelight.


A proud vegan, although not a pushy one, Ralph combines his numerous talents as a psychologist, counselor, alchemist and cinematographer to create inspirational videos with a twist. While his roots are clearly deep into the spirituality and metaphysical realms, his comical and quirky delivery and sound advice make this channel a perfect stop for any YouTube fan. Before you know it you’ll be finding yourself “breathing in that good-ass prana” and asking “can I get a hello there?!”


Are there any other channels that you feel deserve to be on this list? Be sure to share and leave a comment below!

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