Whenever a musician releases a new album, a music tour in support of that album won’t be far behind. With the release of her number one selling album 25, Adele has created an unprecedented demand for tickets to her upcoming American tour. Unfortunately, the timing of the release of those tickets and the seemingly unstoppable robotic ordering from huge ticket brokers left many fans stranded without tickets. It also didn’t help that Ticketmaster’s website was overwhelmed by the volume of traffic once those tickets were released. Does this mean the future for the average concertgoer will be left in the hands of expensive ticket brokers?

The Mad Rush for Tickets

Before buying concert tickets online became popular, fans would have to line up outside of venues to score seats for a concert. Dedicated fans had no problem camping out the sidewalk in anticipation of seeing their favorite bands and performers. These sidewalk campouts became a kind of fan club meeting, and despite inclement weather, a good time was had by all.

That all changed with the advent of online ticket purchases. Now concertgoers are given a specific date and time when tickets will be made “available.” That puts them locked to their computer ready to hit the “refresh button” as many times as needed to land those coveted tickets.

For Adele’s concert tour, tickets were made available in a surprise announcement in the early part of December. This was the height of the holiday shopping season, which required many fans to adjust their schedules in order to compete for the tickets. Once the clock struck 10 a.m., there was a virtual mad rush on the Ticketmaster website. This led to many fans being shut out. They poured their frustrations out all across social media. This did not make for a very Merry Christmas!


A Limited Number of Seats

Breaking down the number of show dates plus available seats for Adele’s concert tour, and you’re left with around 750,000 possible tickets. When you consider that by its fourth week of sales Adele’s newest album sold over 6 million copies, then it’s clear that there would be many fans left empty-handed.

In addition to the number of seats, there were other issues that hampered the average fan with their online ticket purchase. There were pre-sales for registered VIP users to Adele’s website. Right out of the gate that took around two thirds of the available tickets off the markets even before the general public got their chance to make a purchase. It’s no wonder the Ticketmaster website was swamped and stalled. Even though Ticketmaster officially stated, “They performed very well,” there were several hundred Adele fans who begged to differ.

The Bot Factor

Another issue that contributed to the limited availability of concert tickets was the sophisticated use of automatic ticket buying by ticket brokers. It was estimated by Ticketmaster that around half a million potential “botted” ticket purchases were blocked. However, with all that blocking action going on, it further slows things down even more. Despite the efforts to prevent these kinds of automated purchases, you can find evidence of their success when several online ticket brokers begin promoting Adele tickets just moments after they went on sale. Of course, these tickets are often double and triple in price because of the “handling charge.”

A Concert Alternative

Although seeing a performer like Adele live would be a memorable event, there are still many ways to enjoy her music. Obviously, downloading her albums and making them top of your playlist is the best option. However, there could be issues with your privacy when downloading music. One way to ensure that your private information will be protected is to download your music through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This will get you the music you want to listen to and provide peace of mind knowing your identity and credit card information to be secure.

As for going to see Adele in concert, if you didn’t land a ticket and aren’t willing to pay hundreds over face value to a ticket broker, you might just have to wait for the next concert tour or try to catch the TV version of her concert. Either way you don’t have to go without Adele!

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