Calling all readers! Whether you’re a fan of the classics or more modern pieces, this month you’re going to want to delve into the latest free eBooks available. Between army agents, Washington operatives to mustachioed sleuths and ghost-chasing widows, this month’s 5 best free picks will take you on a rollercoaster adventure into literary nirvana and beyond.



 Any Means Necessary by Jack Mars

For people with a taste for thrillers and international intrigue that can form a habit for delving into issues that are plaguing the news, then Any Means Necessary by Jack Mars is the download for your next read. Beginning with nuclear waste stolen by jihadists and leading down endless roads of conspiracy, ultimatums and political trysts, this first chapter in the newest series built around Agent Luke Stone is going to leave you grappling with the knowledge that what you see may not always be what it seems, and most of all, leave you begging for the next Stone adventure.



Ghosts of Tsavo by Vered Ehsani

If you can’t decide what you love best, a good mystery or a heartwarming tale, something exotic or something with a little bit of a British humor twist, Ghosts of Tsavo is definitely the next read for you. Set in Victorian times but traveling to the culture shocks of Kenya, Beatrice Knight takes in her newly widowed status, her best friend’s charming godfather and her safari guide’s likelihood to feed her to roaming lions, in an attempt to get to the bottom of a most difficult ghost story.



Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Classics like Sherlock need no introduction, but in this installment of the famed sleuth, Doyle captures the minute details of Baker Street cases in segments that zip a reader through the fast paced world of the detective in his native Victorian England. From start to finish, this rendition of Sherlock’s adventures into murder and mayhem will satisfy any big fan hoping for another taste and definitely become a quick favorite for new readers.



The Big Green Tent by Ludmila Ulitskaya

The Big Green Tent is another classic—but only recently translated to English for lovers of classic Russian storytelling to fall in love with. Set in 1950s Moscow, three school friends are marred in the middle of the Soviet Empire and grappling with the realities of everyday life, everyday dissent and the ideologies coming to power. Intimately showing the lives of a pianist, photographer and poet, this journey into the aftermath of Stalin and the rise of the KGB from an insider’s perspective will give you cause to rejoice your own freedoms while coming to appreciate the hardships of individuals in a society defined by unity.


All the Houses_mech_1.indd

All The Houses by Karen Olsson

Modernity never seemed so authentic or unsettling than in All the Houses by Karen Olsson, as the author takes her characters through the everyday of life of a family grappling with the effects of the patriarch’s heart attack and following medical care. The unsolved past is what meets L.A. transplant and Hollywood hopeful Helen Atherton when she returns to her home of Washington D.C. in the aftermath of her father’s illness, uncovering the painful truths that relationships must face as they grow, change and age throughout time.

For more ideas on where to get great picks for your next read, check out Kindle’s free 100 list—it’s got a great selection of classics that can perk up any reader dying for more adventures. Don’t have a Kindle? They have their app available for free download so you can get to reading straight from your phone or computer—no gadget purchase necessary!


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