Twitter grants us regular folks the unique opportunity to personally connect with some of our favorite celebrity idols. However, like on any other social media website, things are not always as they appear to be. Unfortunately, there are often crooks opening up social media accounts in attempts to pose as someone they’re not.

This can include posing as celebrities of all sorts, or even regular people (ever heard of a Catfish?). Sometimes these people are posing as actors online in attempts to persuade you into clicking on malicious links or sharing your personal information, though some may be posing as someone else simply for attention. Whatever the reason, you definitely don’t want to waste your time following these sorts of phonies on Twitter, as it can not only become a waste of your time but can also be somewhat dangerous.

Consider protecting your device with an security suite and a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN allows you to surf the web anonymously and securely, which helps to protect your identity on the internet and prevent malware. There are some added benefits to using a VPN as well, but most importantly, it can keep you safe while interacting with others online. On some sites, there really is no guarantee people are who they say they are.

So how can you ensure that your favorite actor’s Twitter account is legitimate? Luckily, there are a few key clues that will help you figure it out. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can ensure you’re following who you intend to on Twitter!

Check the Actor’s Website

Often your favorite actor will have their own website with all of their social media pages listed on it. This is an easy way to find your favorite actor’s social media pages, but just make sure you’re visiting an official website instead of a fan-created one. It’s likely that their official website will appear to be very well made and list information about them, such as a biography, filmography and more.

Take a look at this screenshot of Tom Cruise’s official page in comparison to an unofficial Johnny Depp website.




As you can see, the difference in quality of each of these websites is huge, and the Johnny Depp one (which actually has the domain name is unfortunately riddled with ads that could be malicious in nature.

Keep an eye out and pay attention to the small details, as they can save you from wasting time and money on a website that is only tricking you into believing it’s the real deal. Luckily, when you do come across an official website of an actor, you will typically be able to head over to their Twitter page directly from their site. And for the rest, who may not even have a website of their own, Twitter has implemented a feature that will help them protect their name on social media and also assist you out in figuring out whose page is legit and whose isn’t.

Are They Verified?

You may have already noticed a small blue badge with a white checkmark in the center of it on some of your favorite actors’ Twitter pages. This is actually a great sign, as that means you’re in the right place and the account is official. For those of you who have not noticed such a mark yet on Twitter, it’ll appear next to the person’s name. You can also find a similar symbol on Facebook.

Thankfully, Twitter has begun verifying accounts in an attempt to help out their users and prevent fake profiles from gaining too much attention on the site. Imposters can unfortunately sway users’ opinions about celebrities however they want, convincing them that the official page of the celeb is actually the fake, and of course negatively affect their reputation or even convince people to donate money.

Sometimes these false accounts even trick the media into believing they’re legitimate! Because of this, verification systems are really essential for social media websites, especially if they are interested in protecting their users. Overall, the verification badge on Twitter is the main way (and perhaps the safest) to tell whether or not your favorite actor’s account is legitimate, so you should always be looking out for the badge first whenever you’re looking at a celeb’s page.

Many actors, singers, reality TV stars, politicians, etc., are now verifying their accounts so the majority of them should already have the badge displayed on their Twitter page. And if they don’t, this of course isn’t a guarantee that they aren’t the real deal, but it’s definitely a wise idea to proceed with caution until you see the verification badge appear!

If you’d like to learn more about verified accounts and check out what the badge looks like, you can do so here. Remember that there’s likely to always be some phonies floating around the net (whether they choose to pose as an actor or something else), but at least Twitter is stepping up and giving everyone a way to distinguish them. Now let’s hope Instagram starts doing the same!

Have you ever come across a fake profile on Twitter? If so, what tipped you off that it was fake? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 Responses

  1. Fran

    The tip was when he asked for money and got mad when said no. He asked me three different times . Still a fan but am very careful now .

  2. Lelani

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment on this. I was wondering if the blue badge meant that the actor’s account is official. Glad I got confirmation hereon. Besides the fact that I had similar incidents on Instagram, I recently encountered Similar situation on twitter. I am a huge fan of Outlander, Sam Heughan, the MPC site and Cait and have been following them. During the week a samheughan5 started following me. I though it was another fan page and accepted following it back. One day later the imposer contacted me by saying Hi. I was furious and told him that he need to piss off as I know he is impersonating Sam Heughan, that I am not an idiot and he is wasting my time. He then replied and said he was Sam and that he created this page to interact with his fans. Again I told him that I am skeptical in believing his bullshit and he then asked me if I too was one of his huge fans and if I have attended one of his shows. I then said – well no but I am not sure what shows you are referring to as Mr Heughan does not have “shows”. He then asked me if I would like to attend when it is nearby me. I did not answer as it is obvious he was trying to get my addy. He then thanked me for my support and the love that was showered upon him and the wonderful year he had with he’s fans solidly behind him and this is his way of saying thx to the people that brought him this far. I then enjoyed pestering him and said – The real Sam is a great actor but you are not real and you are fake, so when is your next “show’… Since then I have not received any messages.
    Thing is, everything seems so legit on his page, The MPC website is there, even the link the Barbour. It is scary to think that you can maybe open the MPC website, become a member through that and what if you do payments on this site. My word, I don’t even want to begin to think of that. I then snoop further and noticed that he is following a lot of women, mostly older women, 40ties I would say, but have but 8 followers. Just doesn’t make sense at all?Sad to say but I live in the most corrupt country (South-Africa)and we have Pro’s in conning people. At least I am clever enough to spot a fake a mile away. I just feel bad for the gullible people that will fall for these silly dangerous imposers.


  3. Lilian Tudorin

    Most of the imposters contact you pretending to be a celebrity by saying they are using a private account telling stories like “you know I can’t write to you through my official verified account as it is under observation from the management. Of course I don’t believe that crap, but many naive fans do and that is why Twitter, Facebook and Instagram should stop allowing people to open up profiles with pictures of a celebrity and using it’s name. Most fake profiles use the name of a celebrity by adding numbers or turning the name in different orders. I believe the social media network is also too free in allowing these fake profiles to operate. It’s time Facebook, Twitter and Instagram take seriously this issue before things get worse and fans will begin to not trust anyone on social media network, means soon there will come a new social media network which will take over by giving the public more to trust in.


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