As the nerds of the world gather and disperse, some thrilling new titles have come into view at the 2015 E3 conference. Not all titles will be released in the coming year—many have no expected release date —but at the very least, a few anticipated titles have taken the stage. In case you’ve missed it, we have compiled a short list of crowd-pleasing games to keep you on the edge of your seat from this year’s E3.


Star Wars: Battlefront

E3 just isn’t complete without yet another Star Wars title. With its incredible power of nostalgia and immersive universe, Star Wars: Battlefront captivated much of E3’s audience by allowing visitors to actually play the game—if only briefly. Following the trend of multiplayer games, this Star Wars title hopes to bring players right into the action of notable battles in the fictional universe.

Whether you’re fighting as a Rebel soldier or an Imperial Stormtrooper, the battles are presumed to be pretty intense with scales looking to be as large as 40 vs. 40. Vehicle options include several of the Empire’s walkers and TIE Fighters, as well as Rebel Snowspeeders and X-Wings. To cap things off, the trailer ended with the player controlling Luke Skywalker in the middle of the battlefield crossing sabers with Darth Vader, so we can potentially expect to play as heroes from the movies.




Fallout 4

Let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of fans who’ve been waiting for this to be announced. Fallout 4 marks another step back into the post-apocalyptic world that robbed us of too many days of our lives and brings answers to several new game options that fans have been asking for. From the ability to customize the coveted power armor to a settlement editor which allows players to redesign towns from the bottom up, Bethesda is really pushing to outdo its previous creations.

Customizability and options seem to be the theme based on Fallout 4’s E3 showing, with weapon and armor mods numbering in the dozens. The character development system looks like it’s getting an overhaul as well, so you might be able to play that post-apocalyptic grenadier-ninja you’ve always wanted.


Super Mario Maker

Perhaps hoping to dethrone Lunar Magic or Super Mario Bros X as the premiere Mario making engine (both are third-party programs), Nintendo has finally shown what Super Mario Maker can do and it’s nothing short of amazing. The ability to create levels for Mario is nothing new, but the sheer level of customization offered by Nintendo is blowing the lid off of the fan community.

Offering the ability to use graphics from the original Super Mario all the way to the most current 2D games, Super Mario Maker allows the player to create a truly unique play experience for other fans with the added bonus of allowing the same player to enjoy other levels from the community. Enemies from a number of the franchise’s titles will be available, including what appears to be some fairly customizable events. The staying power of a game like this is hard to determine. Hopefully Nintendo continues to support it even after its release in September.



It may seem like an odd choice, but the very limited amount of information regarding the new title in DOOM franchise makes it that much more tantalizing. In a return to the franchise’s roots, DOOM has seemingly abandoned the horror style gameplay introduced in DOOM 3 and revved up the action in this new title that takes the graphics and cranks them up to 11.

Incorporating elements of a popular mod (Brutal DOOM) to the original two DOOMs—such as executions and excessive gore—id Software’s new title is sure to please fans of this 90s classic. With a renewed focus on fast-paced battles and slaughtering hordes of demons, DOOM hopes to bring us straight back to hell. This is refreshing, because we could all use a break from aliens and terrorists.


Metal Gear Solid 5

Despite the recent conflict with Hideo Kojima, Konami has still managed to raise a few eyebrows with the introduction of the next title in its Metal Gear Solid franchise. Showcasing around 40 minutes of gameplay, the company that kept you hiding in boxes continues to impress with all sorts of new tricks, including a new pet dog (one of the several companions showcased), uses of weather to aid your escape, and the usual espionage we’ve become so used to.

MGS will also be receiving micro-transactions to assist players with less time to invest in the game. Thankfully, anything buyable is also acquirable via in-game means, so for most players the intended experience should remain the same. With the decline in the number of difficult games, it’s nice to see that Konami has taken the middle road offering the player choices (without simply adding a “hard” mode).




Getting Ready

With the increase in online capabilities in this new era of games comes new risks and problems too. Considering even Mario is likely to have online transactions, you may want to consider encrypting your internet service with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is basically a service that protects your data sent and received, while providing you with a veil of anonymity (so little Timmy can’t come find you after you blow up his AT-AT).

Three out of these five titles will be available for PC, so be sure to update your video drivers as well. There’ve been some pretty terrifying glitches of late, and you wouldn’t want to have any eye-popping moments just because you decided that critical update wasn’t needed. That goes doubly if you happen to be a software developer.


More to Come

The best 5 titles of this year’s E3 are pretty subjective; a multitude of impressive games were announced and only just the surface has been scratched regarding their gameplay. While this may serve as a short guide to some of the best titles out there, we encourage you to look into the rest of this year’s up and coming titles.

Do you think that there were any other titles worth checking out? Excited for anything in particular? Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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